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Sundsvalls vinnarsutställning

Podenco Ibicenco

Camabaros What If No One's Watching "Tamlin": Bästa juniorhane, reserv cert, excellent och SVENSK JUNIORVINNARE 2019!

Barronggiz Girly Girl "Lilitha": BIM och SVENSK VINNARE 2019!

Camabaros Which Side Are You On "Freya" VG

Siberian Husky

Vintervisan´s Dvärg Vide "Vide": Excellent & CK, andra bästa veteran.


Camabaros The Polar Passion "Heike" and

Camabaros The Snow Walker "Liv", this beautiful girl have moved to Kennel Northeyes. @kennel_northeyes We wish her best of luck in the new home.

Heike is our keeper. Two fantastic siberians 💙